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FEMITEC MA-X8 OBD Controller

FEMITEC MA-X8 OBD Controller

FEMITEC MA-X8 OBD Controller is an innovative controller with OBD connection. Through the external OBD adapter, the controller receives and process the petrol ECU data and ideally adjusts the gas injection parameters to different working conditions and engine load. Because of that, the controller is able to apply constant long term and short term corrections and ensure very precise fuel dosage.

The correct fuel dosage is not calculated only by the fuel injection time as it is usually done by other controlling devices. The controller spontaneously adjusts the injection to the correction signal generated by the petrol ECU during driving.

FEMITEC MA-X8 OBD is produced using the plug'n'drive and user friendly technologies. It makes the easy installation and calibration.
After installation and auto-calibration, the controller gathers the data and adjusts itself during normal usage, to the driving conditions. It guaranties the optimal engine working range with accordance to the petrol parameters set by the auto manufacturer.

The controller is especially recommended in new vehicles equipped with modern engines (not direct injection) and up to 8 cylinders as well as vehicles with large engine capacity and heavily used. Even vehicles with turbocharger will not be problematic. The EUROPE/BOSCH type connection, makes it easy to install in any type of vehicles.

FEMITEC MA-X8 OBD controller is recommended for heavily used vehicles including camper and boat hauling and long distance international travel.
The controller guarantees smooth and dynamic engine performance in the full range of the parameters set by the vehicles manufacturer. The tests done on the vehicles with the Femitec system, did not show any negative impact on any mechanical parts and electronic equipment of the engine.


The Features:

Installation and calibration: