The FEMITEC GmbH & Co KG is a German trade and production company in the field of Autogas installation systems.
Innovation and quality of our products as well as functionality and durability ensures the systematic growth of our company on the German market.
Our headquarters in Mannheim offer optimal platform for easy expansion of trade and production as well as technical training and support.
Full technical competence, reliable performance, precise order processing and swift delivery are the priorities which we fulfill to achieve our ultimate goal: our clients satisfaction.
The success of FEMITEC GmbH & Co. KG provides out clients and our employees with the necessary security in a solid long lasting cooperation.


From the moment of its foundation, the company has been constantly growing and expending, reorganizing and gaining more valuable experience.
We took the necessary, vital steps securing our success and stable market position.

  • 05.2004 – Foundation of the company in Mannheim
  • 06.2004 – Cooperation with MOTOGAZ Ciepłowski in the fields of: conversions, trade and technical expansion of gas installations.
  • 09.2004 – Introduction of LPG brands such as Bigas, Landi Renzo, Emmegas i Stako.
  • 05.2005 – Product expansion: Tomasetto Achille, GZW.
  • 11.2005 – Modernizing and expansion of our facilities.
  • 11.2005 – The trade agreement with MM-Petro (LPG filling station network).
  • 03.2006 – The trade agreement with: AC Foreign Trade Company Sp. Z o.o.
  • 05.2006 – The first homologation of our own brand:FEMITEC STAG300
  • 07.2006 – The first homologation based on the ECE R115 directives for Porsche Cayenne(Euro 4).
  • 11.2006 – Additional testing of the family engine brands for Euro4 based on ECE R115 directives.
  • 11.2006 – The Import & Export Femitec Autogasanlagen changes its legal status to GmbH & Co. KG.
  • 08.2008 – The 10.000th gas installation sold.
  • 01.2009 – Euro5 homologation for Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes S350.
  • 04.2009 – The development of CNG kits for the OEM conversions.
  • 09.2009 – The first tests of our own LPG vaporizer.
  • 10.2009 – Introduction of FEMITEC STAG300 Premium OBD.
  • 01.2010 – Additional homologations for EURO5.
  • 01.2011 – Production of mounting brackets and LPG tanks.
  • 02.2011 – Introduction of modern vaporizer.
  • 05.2011 – Machine park expansion by new Lathe CNC and plasma cutting machines.
  • 01.2012 – Development of the new diesel-gas technology.
  • 09.2013 – Introduction of Femitec MA-V4 OBD.


Markircher Str. 3-5
D-68229 Mannheim

Fon: +49 (0) 621-81911628
Fax: +49 (0) 621-81911615