VS Add - Diesel additive

VS Add - Diesel additive

VS Add DIESEL is a multipurpose, protective additive to be used in diesel engines which are powered by the diesel/LPG or diesel/CNG mixture.

This additive can be applied in all known injection installations (mechanical injection pump, Common Rail etc.).

VS Add DIESEL is designed for passenger cars, trucks as well as farming and other purpose machinery.


  • VS Add Diesel additive increases the Cetane Number (CN) and by that, fuel ignition. The accurate lab-tests showed that the Cetane number can be increased by 3 units. Because of that, the amount of diesel can be reduced and the LPG/CNG can be increased. In the resulting fuel mixture, the amount of diesel can be only 40%. By that, the performance and profitability of the gas system, increases significantly. By using the gas system in diesel vehicles with VS additive our clients can reach the savings between 23-26% of the operational costs comparing to performance on diesel only. The calculation was done based on the prices in Germany in January 2013. The sequential gas installation was used for tests.
  • Permanently cleans the fuel injection system and contributes to longer engine life. Additionally, protects the fuel injectors from quick deterioration caused by large reduction of diesel fuel
  • Dosage directly to oil tank. No additional electronic measurement devices needed.
  • The additive distribution by the injectors with diesel allows the very precise and equal dosage with extra protection for the valves and valve seats.
  • The large reduction of diesel injection, allows the proper performance of the wiper rings. VS Add-diesel is particularly recommended for the Euro 4 and Euro 6 emission norm engines, thanks to precise diesel dosage (economic engines). Therefore, the proper lubrication of the diesel engine is achieved.
  • The engine works quieter with VS Add Diesel.
  • Protects the engine and improves the gas system parameters under small and big engine load.
  • Long-term road tests were conducted on vehicles with the total weight of 40 tons.

Usage and storage:

  • VS Add Diesel must be regularly used in concentration of 1:1000.
  • Open containers should be hermetically closed.
  • The warranty of good characteristics of product is 2 years from the date of purchase or from the date of product opening if the product is stored in the dry place at the temperatures of 0 to 40 C but no longer that 3 years from the date of production.


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