Femitec injectors



Femitec injection rail GIAC-01 is a piston design rail. To achieve the short opening and closing times the injector is equipped with 2 ohm coil and modernized internal design. The injection rail is made of high quality materials, which were treated by the computer numerical control machines (CNC). Attention to detail and multiple tests have resulted in achieving a good and long lasting fail-save performance. Femitec injection rail can be easily regenerated to a 100% of its efficiency.

Technical data:

Working pressure from 0,5 to 2,0 bar
Maximum pressure 3,0 bar
Voltage from 10,8 to 14,4 V
Gas inlet Q 12mm
Gas outlet Calibrated nozzles M8 x 1
Calibrated nozzle size from 1,5 to 3,5 mm
Working temperature from -20° to 120°C
Minimum injection time 3 ms
Opening time 3,3 ms
Closing time 2,8 ms
 Homolgation 67R-01 / 110R-00

Nozzle size to kilowatts table:

Power per cylinder in kW Nozzle size in mm
10 – 17 1,5 – 2,0
18 – 24 2,1 – 2,3
25 – 32 2,4 – 2,6
33 – 40 2,7 – 2,9
41 – 48 3,0


The advantages:

  • Immersion design (pistons)
  • Vertical gas supply
  • Compact casing
  • Standard connections
  • High permeability materials and high saturation induction
  • Sealed with a special Fluoroelastomer (FKM)
  • Modern non-stick and anti-freeze fluoropolymer coatings
  • Gas flow regulation with calibration nozzles
  • Various connection configurations through a dedicated adapters and main-line power distribution

 The FEMITEC Barracuda injection rail is designed for sequential autogas installations in vehicles with petrol engines. Barracuda ensures precise dosage of gas to the engine air intake duct. Because of its design the injector provides the linear characteristics in the full operating range. It also, ensures the stable engine performance at the injection times as low as 2 ms.

The Barracuda injection rail is highly durable which is proven by long distance tests in several different vehicles in various weather and road conditions. Due to technologically advanced materials the Barracuda injector is quicker and more durable than other traditional solutions on the market today.

Technical data:

Maximum output at 1,2 bar pressure 115 Nl/min
Coil resistance 1,9 Ohm
Opening time 1,9 ms
Closing time 1,2 ms
Working pressure 0,2 ~ 4,2 bar
Working temperature -20 ~ +125 °C
Power output range 10 ~ 40 KM/cylinder
Connecting socket SuperSeal
WarrantyLifespan 2 years / 100 000 km
Lifespan > 500 million cycles


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