Diesel-LPG controller

Femitec LKW

Femitec Diesel controller **

Fully sequential and cylinder-sequential system.
What does it mean?
It means that, each cylinder is separately powered by the gas mixture. In effect, the gas dosage is very precise. During the operation, the 64% of diesel is cut out and is replaced with LPG.


  • Precise regulation
  • No easily combustible gas and air mixture in turbocharger and radiator.
  • Innovative lambda control
  • CAN Bus vehicle connection
  • Constant emission temperature control
  • Dynamic diesel-gas mixture regulation during driving (up to 64% of gas)
  • Tested, high quality components for efficient performance
  • Fast reimbursement of installation costs
  • Equal power and torque.
  • Application of high pressure emulation pump in common rail systems

** Unfortunately, the emission tests are not yet available in the German Federal Republic


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