Femitec MA-V4 mini controlle

System designed for all vehicles with 1 to 4 cyl. pertol engines with Euro4 emissions. This system is designed for older cars without complicated ECU control applications and without high technical demands of the gas installation. It also works well with new model engines and is ideal for those who appreciate good quality and savings. The system is equipped with high quality wire-sets with all the necessary water proof connections (type AMP Super-sealed). Our basic FEMITEC MA-V4 mini plus system contains components from renown LPG manufacturers making it the ideal for those who want to find the optimal way to convert their vehicles to LPG.

The FEMITEC MA-V4 mini includes the following elements:

  • MA-V4 mini controller
  • Femitec FR180 up to 130kW (180hp) reducer
  • Pressure sensor
  • GIAC-01 or Barracuda injectors
  • Water proof fuse holder
  • Petrol/Gas switch with level indicator


  • Aluminum, fully water-proof.
  • Integrated sequential petrol injection emulator.

The features:

  • Maintains the key engine performance parameters: power and torque at the level identical with the petrol performance.
  • Automatic switchover to gas.
  • Fulfills the EURO5 emission norms.
  • Precise gas dosage according to engine RPMs.
  • Periodical inspection notification
  • Installation and settings:
  • Gas injector warm up at low temperatures
  • Inductive ECU calibration after entering the parameters
  • Automatic gas and temperature corrections
  • LPG and CNG compatible ECU.
  • Corrections off the RPMs: graphic and digital visualization.

Compact microprocessor sequential gas injection controller designed for all vehicles with 1 to 4 cyl. petrol engines. Compatible with engines with intake system without damper Valvetronic, turbo, sequential and semi sequential petrol injection as well as full group.


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